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You have to find a speaker who is engaging, releveant, and won't break the bank?  What do you do?  We have the answer!

Certified Profesional Organizer® and Entrepreneur Jennifer Snyder is a dynamic and entertaining speaker.   Organizing is not always fun, but it is fun to talk about because we all share some of the same struggles.  Using antecdotes and humor, we can approach even the most painful topics and turn them into something manageable.  Jennifer combines her expertise, humor, and compassion to create clever and fun presentations that will inspire even the most skepticle soul in the room.  

More than an organizer, Jennifer is also a successful business owner, teaching other entrepreneurs how to navigate the often tenuous business world.  Inspiring for new business owners nad refreshing for the seasoned, you cannot go wrong with Jennifer's programs.  

Whether you have a group of 10 or 10,000, we have presentation for you. All presentations are customized for the audience. 

Possible Topics Include:  

  • Why are my kids such a msess? 
  • Drowning in Paper: Mail and Paper Management Strategies
  • The Power of Clean Desk 
  • Why Accountability is Important 
  • Baking Your Business from Scratch 
  • The Capsule Wardrobe
  • Conquering Clutter 
  • Decluttering Skills
  • Decoding the Secrets of an Organized Life 
  • Downsizing 101
  • Dynamic Mobile Office
  • Emotional Attachment to Things
  • Estate Organizing
  • Fearlessness
  • Finding the Fun in Organizing
  • How to Clean Your Room
  • How We Lost our Organization
  • In Pursuit of Minimalism: Living with Less
  • Kitchen Organizing 
  • Late No More: Time Management Strategies 
  • Making More Hours in Your Day 
  • Making the Most of Your Space
  • The Organized Closet
  • Organizing Personality Styles
  • ​Paper Management
  • Peace in Productivity
  • Prioritizing Your Time
  • Productivity in the Era of Endless
  • Tax Season Receipt Organizing 
  • The Organized Office
  • The Thing with Things
  • The Dance of Disorganiziation
  • The Myth of Multitasking
  • The Organizing Side of Hoarding
  • Time Equity
  • Twelve Factors of an Efficient Office 
  • Savvy Storage 
  • The School in Your Home
  • The Ulitmate Work/Life Balance
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Want to catch Jennifer in action?  Follow the speaking schedule here.

March 17th - Emotional Attachment to Things
Open to the public 
McLennan Community College 
​Call 254-299-8888 to register 

April 3rd - From SoloPreneur to Entrepreneur - Growing Your Business to More Than One
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Annual Conference 
Registration Required 
Orlando, Florida