What We Love for Storing Your Kids' favorite things

Playrooms can be a clash between the creative brains of children and the desired ordliness of the parents.  
​Here are some solutions for you!
  1. Living Dress-up Center
    Playing dress up is fun for all kids. Keep costumes and accessories in one place with this hanging center with storage. White should match any decor. Assembly required.
  2. Game & Puzzle Storage
    Games and puzzles come with lots of pieces. Store them in individual containers that can be removed and replaced easily. Stackable, stores 6
  3. Lego Storage
    Legos need to be easy to transport and easy to see. This clear unit allows them to be sorted by color or shape and your builder can easily see what they need. 5 layers
  4. Open Toy Storage
    Kids are not likely to replace lids on containers so open storage is the best option for them. Open storage allows them to see what they need and see where to put it back. Labels help too! 16 compartments
  5. Book & Toy Storage
    Children need books and the books need a place to live. A bookshelf is necessary for any playroom and the shorter, the better. Use the open storage for stuffed animals.
  6. Pegboard Wall Storage
    Don't forget to use wall space for storage. Use a pegboard system to store a wide variety of toys - especially using baskets. Starter kit.