What We Love for GArage Storage

It is possible to have a love-hate relationship with your garage.  We want to help you love yours by having the right tools.
  1. Shelving with Castors
    Wire shelving is best for garages and those on wheels make it easy to re-arrange as needed. Make sure to build them to suit what you are storing. 6-shelf unit
  2. Da Vinci Bike Hook
    Storing bikes vertically will allow for more floor space in your garage. These racks are inexpensive and easy to use.
  3. White Storage Bins
    Having a single style and color of bins in your storage areas makes it look more organized and allows your eyes to easily find what you are looking for. Be sure and label them!
  4. Lawn Tool Storage
    Like the bikes, utilizing wall space for bulking lawn tools can free up enough space to park your car in your garage.
  5. Peg Board Storage
    Peg boards are the ideal way to store frequently used tools. This keeps them where you can see them and makes them easier to put away when finished.
  6. Quality Tool Chest
    If tools do not have a home they will be everywhere and having a great toolkit makes it a lot more fun to store and organize tools.