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Estate and Clean-out Services

There are times when it is necessary to clear out the home of a loved one.  There are a variety of reasons this might happen, it could be a death, moving aging parents to a new home with more care available, or when the home of a loved one is out of control due to extreme clutter or squalor.  Regardless of the reason, the task still remains and it is never easy.  

Each situation is unique so we offer a la carte services in this area so we can do as much or as little as needed.  In all cases, we have the best interest of the client and family at heart and will take special care to ensure that all items worth saving are saved.  Prices vary depending on the scope of project.

Full-service clean-out
With a full-service clean-out, we manage all aspects of the project including all services listed below.  We will also arrange for donations items to be picked up by The Salvation Army unless the family requests a different charity, work with a liquidation company to pick up items of value for sale, arrange for the home to be thoroughly cleaned upon completion, arrange for waste disposal, and stay in close contact with the family - and therapist, when necessary - throughout the entire process.  

This service supports the family entirely during the difficult clean-out process.

Sorting and Packing
The decision-making piece of the puzzle is by far the most difficult for families.  Each item in the home requires a decision to be made regardless of how small.  Our team of organizers are seasoned decision-makers and can make them on your behalf, with some guidelines laid out in advance.  We can discard what is clearly waste, pack items to sell and donate separately, while setting aside items that may be of value to the family, including paperwork, photos, and hidden valuables.  We work directly with the family to provide resources necessary to complete the clean-out.

This service relieves the family of the painful overwhelm associated with making so many decisions and provides some insight into what should be sold or donated.  

Hoarding and Squalid Homes
This service allows the family to be spared from experiencing how a loved one has been living when extreme clutter or squalid conditions exist.  In these situations, a large percentage of the contents of a home should be discarded as waste.  In such situations, the Neat as a Pin® team will make clear decisions on what can and cannot be salvaged, based on guidelines provided by the client or family.  We work directly with the family to provide resources necessary to complete the clean-out. 
Note:  If the family member is still living, we require their blessing and prefer his or her participation along with a therapist.  

Support Services  
When the family is willing and able to perform the actual clean-out work, Neat as a Pin® can serve in a support role, offering resources and insight into how to complete the project.  This is especially helpful when family members are struggling to make decisions.  

If you are unsure about which level of service is needed or if your specific needs are not listed here, please reach out and start a conversation.  Help is here, there is no reason to do it alone.  

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Hoarding Disorder: 
People with Hoarding Disorder excessively save items that others may view as worthless.  They have persistend difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability ot use their living or work spaces.

Domestic Squalor:
Conditions that ares filthy, unclean, or foul through neglect.  Commonly, this results from a person's failure to household waste including papers, packaging, food products, cooking waste, containers, or broken or discarded household items.  
(guidelines for assisting persons living in

Estate Sale:
An Estate Sale is a way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate.  These are ususally more than garage or yard sales.  They are used when someone is in need of a way to sell items due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death.