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Coaching & Accountability Partnering

Achieve new results in your life with Accountability Partnering and Focused Coaching Sessions
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  1. Goal Setting
    There are many misconceptions about setting and achieving goals. Many times we focus on the goal itself instead of the system that will take us there. Coaching and Accountability Partnering will not only help clarify what you want to achieve, but also illuminate the path to take.
  2. Commitment
    When working toward achieving something, we are 95% more likely to get there with an Accountability Partner, compared to 10% if just want to do it. Being accountable increases our dedication to complete our goal and improve our mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to see it through. Take responsibility for our success.
  3. Clarity
    Whether eliminating clutter, starting a new business, or making a major life change, Accountability Partnering is for you! We make better choices and perform at a higher level when someone is 'watching'. When held accountable, we can achieve more than ever imagined!
  4. Creativity
    Sometimes we hit roadblocks and get stuck. Accountability Partnering can create a space for creative solutions to emerge. Exploring possibilities while receiving both encouraging feedback and challenging feedback helps us identify our errors and course correct more quickly.
  5. Competence
    When we know - or even think - someone is watching us, we perform better. Accountability Partnering creates a transparent space where we are vulnerable while growing into our very best, most competent selves. By setting milestones and deadlines we can see our dreams come to life instead of listening to fear.
  6. Celebration
    Some goals are more difficult than others yet all goal achievements should be celebrated. An Accountability Partner is your own personal cheerleader, your partner in victory!