What We Love for your closets

Our closets can either be places of joy or places of shame.
You decide.
  1. Non-slip Velvet Hangers
    Slim construction and soft textured surfaces make these the best hangers for your closet. They don't take up much space and keep your garments from falling off. Pack of 50
  2. ClosetMaid Shoe Cube
    Sturdy enough for the floor or the top of the closet, this shoe cube is great for any closet. Use this cube and free Other styles available
  3. Handheld Steamer
    This is seriously the best $30 I have spent in a long time! It saves the trouble of ironing and the expense of the cleaners for most of my everyday wear.
  4. Decorative Hamper
    Laundry hampers need to be sturdy enough to not only stand on their own but also stand up to the chore of holding your clothes. A hamper in your closet helps keep clothes off the floor.
  5. Wastebasket
    A small wastebasket is a closet must have! Instead of setting tags, dry cleaner bags, or other packaging on a shelf, it can go in the wastebasket. It should be small but accessible.
  6. Shelf Dividers
    Some clothes and accessories are best stored on shelves. These dividers keep them from falling over an keeping categories distinctly separate. Think: jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, handbags Set of 4
  7. Stackable Bins
    Closet storage needs to be functional but also hold its shape to better hold your stuff. These bins have wood rims so they stack too. Think: small handbags, out of season, lingerie Sold individually
  8. Large Cloth Basket
    A large soft bin works well when it can be easily filled. Use a basket like this for rarely accessed items like off season clothes. Sold individually