What We Love for cleaning

We love to clean and using great supplies makes it both easier and more enjoyable. 
Our cleaning staff share their favorites!
  1. Magic Erasers
    Jordan loves Magic Erasers. She says you can use them to scrub a lot of surfaces without worrying about scratches. They are awesome! 3 packs of 15 sheets
  2. Floor Steamer
    Tricia loves the Floor Steamer. She says that you can always see a big difference after using the steamer and you know it is sanitary.
  3. Shark Navigator Vacuum
    Stephanie loves the Shark Navigator Vacuum. She said it picks up everything, is easy to use, and lightweight.
  4. Bona Wood Floor Mop
    Ally loves the Bona Mop for hardwood floors. It is easy to use and gets the floors looking fantastic! It is the best product for your wood floors. It is so light and cleans just like a regular mop.
  5. Caldrea Counter Spray
    Jennifer loves Caldrea Counter Spray in the Rosewater Driftwood scent. It makes cleaning the kitchen a sweet experiences - especially when paired with linen rags.
  6. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are all-purpose tools for a variety of cleaning tasks. They are soft and sturdy. Use for cleaning sinks, walls, tubs, and even dusting. Set of 12
  7. Libman Wonder Mop
    The Libman Wonder Mop is lightweight and easy to use. It has a built-in wringer and replaceable heads. The fabric strips don't leave strings all over. Set includes mop and three heads
  8. Scrubbing Bubbles
    Scrubbing Bubbles is the easiest way to clean a bathroom. They do the work for you and can clean almost everything in that one room. Set of 3