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  1. Whole Home Organizing
    Whole Home Organizing
    Together we create the organized home of your dreams that suits the way you and your family work. From efficiently placed kitchen items to closets, craft rooms, toys and the vintage armoire; we maximize the space you already have to create a more peaceful home environment.
  2. Packing Unpacking and Relocation Management
    Packing, Unpacking, and Relocation Management
    Our team can make your next move the easiest every! We can partially or completely pack and unpack your home, helping you keep what you want for the next phase of your life and leave what you don't. Our team helps you start smart in your new home by unpacking either with or for you and responsibly donated any unwanted items.
  3. Paper Management and Administrative Efficiency
    Paper Management and Administrative Efficiency
    Whether you struggle with time management, paper mail, email, or filing, our team can help you get it under control once and for all. We use our expertise to work with you to create an individual system that works for you and your needs. Relief is just a phone call away.
  4. Organizing Coaching and Consulting
    Organizing Coaching & Consulting
    Sometimes all we need is a little help getting started or we are capable of doing the week on simply need to know what to do. We offer both Organizing Coaching and Consulting services that are intended to help you live the life of your dreams. Examples include: New jobs, Combining Households, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Living with Attention Deficit, Life Coaching, Estate Resolution
  5. Organizing Systems and Project Planning
    Organizing Systems and Project Planning
    Whether building a new home, remodeling the one you have, starting a new business, or any other large scale project, our team can help you create a plan that is both reasonable and manageable that fits your work ethics lifestyle, and budget. Examples include: New Home Building, Remodeling, Starting a New Business, Home Management Systems, Budgets
  6. Special Organizing Projects
    Special Organizing Projects
    Many of us have projects that we simply do not like doing. If you have something that needs to be done and you are putting it off, let us do it for you. Examples include: Sorting the belongings of a loved one, Holiday shopping, Completing a home inventory, Staging a home for sale, Estate management, Downsizing, and Estate Sales.

Certified Professional Organizer
Jennifer Snyder is a Certified Professional Organizer and has long found peace of mind in an organized life.  She founded Neat as a Pin! Organizing Experts in 2009 to help others do the same.  As a Professional Organizer, Jennifer brings her love of order to her clients, and helps them rid the chaos and clutter from their lives.  

We understand organization doesn’t always come naturally – sometimes it takes a little nurturing.  No matter what the challenge, we are dedicated to creating the space you want and you acquire the skills you need to keep it that way.  
Professional Organizer
Sarai Cuevas is a Professional Organizer and has been organizing with Neat as a Pin since 2012.  As the mother of two young boys and learned at once the benefits of being organized with small children.  She fell in love with it!   

She believes that staying organized gives her the energy to accomplish the things that matter the most life.  When things are organized we have more time to spend with our families and are able to get up and go without stress.  

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